“The success of running a business depends
on the accounting information
reliability and frequency”

An orchestra has clearly defined functions and each of them have to be adequately filled. After all it cannot have an effective performance if a position is not filled. The conductor undertakes an essential role in the success of the group, but just like in big orchestras his dynamic is also important. If the conductor would step away from the podium the performance would continue, the team would adapt itself and would work together. Just as an orchestra depends on the articulation between all its members, the success of the management of a company depends to a large extent on the reliability and periodicity of the accounting information, therefore, Clássico & Regular has specialized itself in the provision of accounting services, taxation, human and administrative resources for companies, associations, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. The clients of Clássico & Regular are essentially micro, small and medium sized companies in the most diverse areas of activities from catering, trade, agriculture, industry, services, associations and communities.

Paulo Silva



“Whithout accounting there is no analysis”


  • Accounting regularly organized
  • Simplified scheme of Accounting
  • Execution of general and/or analytical accounting
  • Treatment and computer posting of accounting documents
  • Supervision, monitoring and accounting advice carried out by qualified and specialized personnel
  • Tax and Accounting Outsourcing (executed on the customer´s premises by our employees)
  • Tax estimates and clearance at the closing of accounts, provisions and responsibility of the Certified Accountant


  • Consulting and regular tax monitoring VAT, IRS (Income Tax), IRC (Company Tax) and EIS (Stamp Duty)
  • Analysis/reconciliation of accounts
  • Preparation of the financial statements
  • Completion and submission of tax declarations and other
  • Preparation of the tax files and management report
ordem dos contabilistas certificados



“People are the most important resource”

Administrative Management

  • Social Security
    • Mandatory registrations / various schemes
    • Certificates
    • Requirements of various social benefits
  • Employment Contracts
    • Contracts of employment and their respective applicable declarations
    • Termination of employment contracts
    • Unemployment declarations
    • Management Statement of fixed-term contracts
  • Tax Administration
    • Statements and IRS payment slips
    • Annual statements
  • Financial and administrative management
    • Management and control in the area of collections
    • Payments for services
  • Contributions and Taxes
    • Information service
    • Informational Circulars

Personnel Management

  • Payroll Processing
    • Register of personnel (Files updated periodically)
    • Issuing of pay slips
    • Management, accounting, tax and statistical statements
    • Questionnaires
  • Issuance of Statements and Guidelines
    • Social Security
    • Compensation Funds
    • Seguros e bancos
    • Banks and Insurance
    • Bank transfers
    • Holiday rotas
    • Trade Unions
  • ACT-Authority for Work Conditions
    • Working Hours
    • Records and communication of additional work
    • Posting of workers abroad
    • Communication of hiring foreign workers
    • Single Report
    • Hierarchical Structure
    • Social Report
    • Medicine, Health and Safety at work



“To analyze is to save”

Economic and Financial Analysis

  • Constitution of the Management analysis file
  • Management reports
  • Reports and ratios on the financial developments
  • Treasury planning and budgets
  • Assessment of companies for the purchase and sale
  • Risk Assessment
  • Financial Advice about mergers and demergers

Investment projects and creation of jobs

  • Preparation, monitoring of applications and incentives to the investment and the creation of employment
  • Projects for the creation of employment in the framework of employment centers (I.E.F.P.)
  • Feasibility studies for submission to banks


“Because protecting life is important”

We analyze the insurance needs of your business and personal.

  • Insurance broking in several areas:
    • Car
    • Accidents at work
    • Personal Injury
    • Multi-risk
    • Civil liability
    • Health
    • Life
    • Travelling
    • Others